Belle lost her first tooth.  It actually happened last Wednesday, but I am just now getting around to posting about it. Sorry about that!  It was pretty big news at our house!  We had been wiggling it for quite a while and anticipating the big day, and then at lunch on Wednesday it finally came out!  Daddy had to pull it just a bit, but it really was barely hanging on. Hard to believe our girl is so big! Look how cute she is with her gap! She has been so excited to show it off to everyone!

Showing off the tiny tooth

The tooth fairy came and gave her a whole dollar covered in pixie dust. She was SO excited about it.

We weren’t sure if we were going to do the tooth fairy or not, but decided that day to go for it.  Belle loves fairies and we knew it would be so fun for her. Daddy explained to her that she would put her tooth under her pillow and then the tooth fairy would take her tooth a leave a surprise. That night as the girls were going to bed they were arguing about whether it was real or pretend and whether or not Daddy was telling the truth. Whoops. Maybe not exactly what we wanted! Confusing reality and fantasy and doubting the word of Daddy! And then Belle prayed asking God to please let the tooth fairy come and take her tooth and leave her a surprise. Hopefully she won’t be too messed up! It sure was amazing to see how excited she was and how much she loved that glittery dollar!

  1. Just tell her that the tooth fairy is the niece of Santa Claus.

    • Elizabeth

      that might really confuse her since we haven’t done santa (or the easter bunny)…so its kind of funny that we decided to do the tooth fairy. it just seemed fun…and we hadn’t put any thought into it until that day!

  2. Ashley

    Elizabeth, that last picture looks just like you!

    • Elizabeth

      that is so funny! i do think she looks an awful lot like i did as a kid.

  3. ginny magee

    I don’t think you have to worry about your kids knowing the difference between real and fantasy…..Enjoy the excitement of little milestones!

  4. Denise

    I laughed out loud at that story. Thanks for sharing it. If anyone could have such a convoluted reaction it would be the children of Joseph and Elizabeth. Too funny. They will enjoy the tooth fairy for many years to come. Todd insists that only the tooth warrior may visit our house.

  5. MomO

    Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy wasn’t very reliable at her daddy’s house. The children would wake up and not be able to find a surprise. It usually magically appeared moments later, tucked inside the pillow case or anywhere “she” could quickly stash it!

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