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Belle’s First Day of Kindergarden Book

Kiran, my new friend, was there and I sat next to her to eat. And we did rest time together. We didn’t really learn anything, we just did fun stuff. It was fun playing with Kiran while we were at recess. Landon is a big boy–he’s older than me–and Jasmine is littler than me. They aren’t my friends yet, but maybe they will be. I liked all the things we did in class.

Then I came back home.

The End.

  1. ginny magee

    So adorable! Glad it was a fun day!

  2. Ashley

    Precious! Yay Belle!

  3. Ashley Gaymon

    So cute and sweet!!!! Glad that Belle enjoyed her first day of school. I am sure that makes it a little tiny bit easier to let her go each morning. =)

  4. MomO

    MomO thinks you are the most wonderful student ever! I hope you learn many new things in kindergarten. I’ll bet that Jasmine and Landon want to be your friends, too. Write to Poppop and me and tell us about your teacher and your class.

  5. MomO

    How’s Mommy doing?

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