While in PNG, we wrote a lot about the physical, mental and emotional adjustments we had to make as Americans in a foreign land. Now, back in the US, we are adjusting to things that were formerly normal here at home. One thing we didn’t have any exposure to in PNG is TV commercials. Since I’m out of practice when it comes to zoning out during commercials, I have a much stronger reaction to the advertisements. And here are some responses I have to a few particular companies (just for fun):


Of course I’m a huge fan of yours, but please, stop acting like you haven’t been selling round earbuds since the very first iPod. In your own ad you ask “why would headphones be round?” To answer this, just use your time machine to travel to any date between 2001 and a couple of weeks ago and ask yourself.


I get it, you need to distinguish your products from Apple’s, but here are some features that actually make me less likely to buy your phone:

  1. The ability to bump my phone against another phone to transfer something. Really? I can transfer things through unlimited space already with email and text messaging, but you think I want to meet up with someone and tag phones to make the transfer? Seems like a step backward.
  2. A way to automatically download pictures from other people’s phones. When I’m at a wedding reception, I’m not hoping for a collection of poor-quality pics that all my friends took with their cell-phones.
  3. Any “feature” that requires that all of my friends have the exact same phone as I do. That might work if you were selling iPhones.


Speaking of worthless features, here is something I don’t want my car to do: receive text messages on the information panel. I know driving and texting go together like PB&J, but I already have texts covered pretty efficiently with my phone and I don’t plan on carrying an Accord around in my pocket.


I’m not in the market for a Prius, but if you put that “Prius for Everyone” jingle on iTunes, I might download it and tell my kids it’s a nursery rhyme because Lucy and I really enjoy it.


  1. Ashley

    I agree on the Prius song! Catchy 🙂

    • Denise Corey

      You need a job.

      • Denise Corey

        Um, whoops, that was directed to Joseph not Ashley.

      • Joseph

        Don’t be giving people any ideas.

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