We recently applied for Sylvie’s passport (still waiting to get it back so we can buy plane tickets!) and had to renew Belle’s and Lucy’s. As we were doing that I was thinking how funny it is that 3 of our kids have passport photos from when they were tiny babies. I thought ya’ll might get a kick out of seeing them. Can you tell who is who?

And here’s Belle’s for good measure:

Pretty cute passports, huh?

In case you weren’t sure who was who, it is Sylvie, Everett, Lucy, then Belle.

  1. Mollie Puryear

    Gosh, ya’ll make such cute kids!

  2. Kelley Haff

    If you had dressed Everett in pink, I would not have been able to tell him from Lucy!

  3. MomO

    I agree with Mollie! Each one just gets cuter, smarter, and more adorable. Of course, I’m totally objective about these wonderful babies.

  4. Aunt Hannah

    Everett is such a “GQ” baby!
    Love them all!!!
    Miss y’all!

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