Today we have the pleasure of hearing from one of the many families who has partnered with us in our efforts to plant a church in PNG. As you will read, we have been close with the Anderson family for quite some time and their faithful support is a constant encouragement to us. Here are their words:

When asked to write a guest blog post about being part of the Osborn Mission support team, we started thinking back to the various times where our lives have intersected with Elizabeth and Joseph (though he’ll always be Philly to our family). There have been several points of overlap, but among the earliest is when our vulnerable firstborn daughter was subjected to the perils of Grace Church high school D-groups where boys’ & girls’ groups were meeting at the same home! Gasp! We can now laugh about how unfounded our concerns were at the time, and we’re thankful for the example Joseph and Elizabeth have been to our entire family. And to bring it full circle many years later, our youngest son has also benefited from involvement in a D-group where Joseph was one of the male leaders.

Elizabeth at Kalynn’s graduation in 2006.

Joseph and Cole with some of the d-group guys in 2011.
Having witnessed the Osborns’ faithfulness in discipling and mentoring students at Grace, when given the opportunity to become part of their support team, it wasn’t really a question of yes or no, but rather simply to determine the amount. With that said, our story is more about the ways God BLESSES us through our support rather than WHY we have chosen to give.

We have walked some ups and downs in our own lives in the nearly three decades of our marriage and child-raising years, and God has always proven Himself faithful. Maybe not early, but never, ever late. It always encourages us to see Him doing the same for others, and the Osborns are no exception. It was so exciting when they left for their field “training camp” in Missouri (coincidentally not far from where Terri attended church youth camp as a teenager). The story of their destination merry-go-round was definitely one of ups and downs, with a lot of detours along the way. We rejoiced with them when things finally opened up for them to pursue an assignment in PNG! And to read their blog posts (especially the ongoing tales about Hoax and Margaret) really made their work on the other side of the world feel very nearby and tangible. The gorgeous photographs included on their posts are a special bonus! We are likely not alone in having laughed out loud or shed tears of joy at various posts. (Elizabeth’s chicken killing video is burned in our brains!)

Besides knowing our financial and prayer support puts us on a team that is making disciples half a world away, we had no idea how much our personal understanding of the gospel and the logical telling of God’s story would be enriched as we have learned more about the methods New Tribes uses to translate and teach the scripture to tribal groups. One day, a light bulb went off that this is essentially the same progression through the Old and New Testaments we are teaching our first graders in Camp Grace!

You’d have a hard time convincing anyone in our family that we made an unwise choice in joining Osborn Mission’s support team. The benefits are more than we can recount!


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