This is our house.  For now.  (I tried to count them up, and I think this is home #12 since Belle was born.) And that’s our sweet little boy on the stairs (for scale.) I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture or not, but as far as size goes, this house is definitely an upgrade from our first PNG home!  It has 3 bedrooms (Woohoo!  We only had 2 before,) a mudroom, and all the rooms are just a bit bigger.  Yes, Lindsey, it also has fabulous wood floors!  I can’t say I miss our concrete floors at all.

This home has a few other perks as well.  Our previous house was really hot, even with fans on.  This house has many more windows and has a consistent breeze, so we are comfortable with no fans running.  Also, before we had to filter all of our water, but here at a larger base the water is treated so we can drink it straight from the tap!  Amazing. And we can bathe the kids in clear water. And brush our teeth in tap water. We have normal size mirrors here too, so I can see all of me (which may or may not be a good thing!) instead of just my face in the one 8×10 mirror we had on the bathroom wall before.

After four days, we are nearly through settling in.  We got our things out of storage and the kids have been LOVING playing with toys they had forgotten about!  While they have been occupied with “new” toys, we have been busy washing everything (it was all stinky from being stored for so long) and finding homes for all of it. We’ll show you the inside of the house soon.

  1. The Glovers

    Wow! Glad to hear of the upgrades and that u r settling in. How long will u be in this house? Is bush life in near future? Would love to hear your plans. God’s love, peace and protection over u all.

    • Joseph

      Thanks for the question. Short answer: a few months. More info on that coming soon.

  2. JInny Richards

    Awesome!! What town are y’all in?

  3. MomO

    Do you have a new mailing address along with a different house and town?

    • Joseph

      No, same mailing address.

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