I remember before we ever came to PNG being quite confused about where exactly we would be living. Some people said Goroka, some Sobega, and others Lapilo. Since all of these names were meaningless at the time, it was perplexing. Now that we are here, it’s not so confusing. This all makes sense to me:



Goroka is a city in PNG and is the capitol of the Eastern Highlands Province. It has a one runway airport that we fly into on our last flight coming here and it has a few stores where we can buy from a limited selection of groceries and other supplies.



Sobega is an NTM base that is about fifteen minutes outside of Goroka. It is one of four or five regional support bases (depending on how you count them.) It is the full time home of eight-ish missionary families who work to support NTM’s missionaries in tribal locations in the highlands. This is where we lived for our first year in PNG.



Lapilo is an NTM base about thirty minutes outside of Goroka and about fifteen minutes past Sobega. Lapilo is the big-daddy base for all of NTM in PNG and includes the medical clinic, dental clinic, and boarding school for missionary kids. It has over seventy houses for doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, pilots, tech support and leadership personnel. This is where we are living now (and for the next few months.*)

While we are here, we will be preparing for our move into the tribe and I will be working with the Center Operations Department to help keep this base running.

*We’ll have more of an explanation of our coming plans in an update soon.

  1. The Glovers

    Wow. Had no idea that many folks were there to support everyone in the bush. As a nurse, now I feel more relaxed for you all with a small child! Not that I don’t trust the Lord to watch over you :). Thanks for the info. Has planted ideas in my brain that have been in my heart since I was a kid.

  2. Pop Pop

    Certainly puts grandparent’s minds at ease, somewhat.

  3. Pamela Ravenwood

    Thank you for this information. My children are in Matang, with my 2 year old grandson and are being sent to Sobega -which I could find no information on – until I found your website. I’m glad this place isn’t as remote but wish they could stay there for the remainder of their stay as having a small child in the bush doesn’t sound like a wise idea.

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