I’ve finished week number one in my temporary job with COC. What does COC stand for, you ask. Nobody can tell me. The first “C” and the “O” are for “Center Operations,” but the last “C” is a mystery. Apparently it’s been around so long that no one can remember what the last “C” is for. I assume people didn’t want to sound stupid by asking, so the knowledge was lost in ages past. I’m trying to decide whether to refer to it as “Center Operations C,” and say the “C” or “Center Operationsk” pronouncing a hard “c” at the end of “operations.” Or maybe I should start acting like I know what the last “C” is for and try to make it catch on. Committee? Cohort? Cooperative? Czars? Any input is welcome.

In my first week I’ve worked on a number of various repair jobs including helping to replace the solar panels for a hot water heater.

It’s true what they say about a hot tin roof: it’s hot.

One of the cool things about working with the Center Operations Czars is that there are about a dozen PNG nationals who are employed as part of the Cohort. So I’m working along side some of the locals from the area. Today I was working with Alex, a PNGian, and another missionary from Northern Ireland. So in our group, we were speaking three languages: English, Pidgin, and whatever they speak in Northern Ireland. Honestly, I had an easier time understanding Alex’s Pidgin than Raymond’s “English.” We were putting metal siding on one of the houses on the base. Here are Alex and me–I’m the one in shorts.

  1. Comedy Hour. The real mystery is why they dropped the “H” at the end.

  2. Ryan Burns

    1. You need a heater for your hot water?

    2. The height difference between you and Alex is awesome. I bet he was glad he didn’t have to climb on that ladder on the concrete pedestal as much with you around.

    3. I vote for Central Operations Commandos, and that you all carry machetes on your belts.

    • Joseph

      Ryan, two good points.

      • Pop Pop

        Having watched a lot of old movies my guess is the creative ones of the first missionaries probably called it Christ’s
        Operations Center.

        Of course maybe the “C” is for Czars’

      • Pop Pop

        For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Ryan thought you should carry matches on your belt. ???

        • Aunt Hannah

          Dad~ It’s for commanders that forge the way….right?

  3. Josh P

    If you stick around long enough, the future children from PNG will be reading folk tales of a man named “Joseph Bunyan.”

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