Another perk of living on a base as large as Lapilo is that the market comes to us. Every Monday and Thursday afternoon, ladies from the area bring their produce and sit in the grass right outside our gate to sell fresh fruits and veggies as well as some handmade baskets, bilums and other trinkets. The selection isn’t as big as the market in town and the price is a little bit more, but it sure is convenient (plus we don’t have to rent a van to go.)




In the following picture, $0.75 for the bunch of bananas, $0.50 for either of those papayas, and $0.50 per pile of carrots. The purple-red things are kind of like tomatoes, but not a good substitute (we can buy regular tomatoes anyway.)



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  1. Molly

    I am glad I love you, so that I can be excited and not jealous….so pretty, I love the carrots!!

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