Before we left, lots of people asked us if we were worried about our kids transitioning back.  We kept telling people we were worried about the oldest two since they know more now and might be even more sad about leaving friends and family, but we certainly weren’t worried about Sylvie since she was just a baby and wouldn’t know any better.

Boy were we wrong.

Sylvie is having the hardest time of the bunch adjusting to her new schedule/time zone.  I’m not really sure if we can still blame it on that two and a half weeks after getting here, but whatever the cause, this girl is NOT sleeping well!! She has been getting up at least three times a night since we got here.  I’m pretty tired of that.  Last night I decided not to feed her when she woke up, but just to put her pacifier back in….and I felt like I was up ALL night sticking a pacifier back in!

I decided to start her on rice cereal, since now I am willing to try most anything to get her to sleep better. I am hoping that just maybe rice cereal will fill her tummy up more and help her sleep better.

She was not a  fan of rice cereal. Considering how little she actually ate, I doubt it will keep her tummy any fuller.  Oh well, wishful thinking.

But despite the lack of sleep, she is still super cute.

Can you join with us and pray that Sylvie will start sleeping through the night again?

  1. Megan ward

    My daughter Katherine wakes up at night if she is sick, teething, off schedule, etc. It can be a huge inconvenience when there is no time for mommy naps. I will pray for both of you!

  2. Glover family

    She is adorable! I did the cereal thing with Emma to get her more satisfied to sleep at night. Keep with it. Will be praying.

  3. Ashley Gaymon

    Oh no!! I am so sorry. When I am up in the middle of the night with Oliver, I do think about ya’ll often (because you are awake and carrying on with your day.) I pray for you during those times. So, now I know exactly what I can pray for you during my exhausting middle of the night feedings. Love ya’ll! And, yes, she is so adorable!!!

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