Fleece, blanket and hat isn’t our normal attire in 80 degree PNG.  In the middle of the night last Joseph started feeling really sick…achy joints, fever, super cold.  Today he added a weird rash to that list of symptoms.  Thankfully we are right here on the base with the clinic, so he was able to get checked out this morning. Turns out it is some virus that is going around. He’s pretty pathetic and can’t do much of anything.  I’m hoping it doesn’t last too terribly long!  Its hard to have one parent down for the count!  Please pray that he’ll start feeling better soon and that it won’t pass to any of the rest of us!

  1. Kelly

    Praying now! I am so sorry….

  2. Prayed for him this morning, and for your family.

  3. Ugh!!! Hate that for both of youuu! Praying…

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