As of this Easter morning, my fever is gone, the rash has faded to almost nothing, and the joint/bone pain has left only a soreness from my eyeballs to my ankles. So after about four and half days, the virus has conceded the battle to my immune system. It has left me so worn out, though, that I have to sit down for a rest after taking about ten steps or lifting any of my children a single time. At dinner, after cutting up Lucy’s ham, I failed at two consecutive attempts to pick up my roll because my wrist and hand were so fatigued that I couldn’t maintain my grip. Nonetheless, I welcome this combination of soreness and fatigue with open arms (albeit hanging by my side to conserve energy) if it means the battle is over.

Thank you for everyone who has been praying. It has been a miserable few days for me and Elizabeth is exhausted from her double duty as super-mom and nurse-extrordinaire. Thankfully, no one else seems to have it, but we will keep praying about that for a few days.

On to Easter…

Since I wasn’t well enough to attend church, I didn’t get invited to be in the after-church-Easter-outfit-family-photo. However, I know for a fact that Sylvie didn’t go to church either since she was at home with me, napping. Double standard!

Our kids enjoy eating their boiled eggs, just not the “cheese-ball” in the center.

  1. The Glovers

    Happy Easter to you all! Glad to hear Joseph is on the mend. Nasty virus. Emma will eat the ‘cheese balls’. That part is her favorite. 🙂

  2. Maybe you weren’t allowed the picture because you refused to wear the John-Johns that Elizabeth hand-crafted for you.

  3. Andrea McKee

    So thankful you are on the mend! Praying for a quick recovery and that no one else gets sick!

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