Another missionary who lives here at Lapilo has a couple of cages of snakes. I walked the kids over to see them today and Everett was in awe. (Belle and Lucy were interested for about thirty seconds.)






Here are some questions I can’t answer:

  • Why is someone keeping these snakes?
  • What kind of snakes are they?
  • How many green snakes are wrapped around those branches?
  • How many brown snakes are in that pile?
  1. Kelly

    This whole post is disturbing to me. Do you see any snakes like that randomly as you go about your day?

    • Joseph

      Not here on the base.

  2. Michelle

    Yikes! We went to Jones Gap this past weekend and saw a snake eating a frog…Molly said “Mom, we’re just like Jeff Corwin!” We lasted a couple minutes, then I had to keep walking.

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