Yesterday, while painting, a couple of nationals who work with me at the Center Operations Cohort were excited to tell me about a snake they had heard about that is longer than a semi truck and had killed hundreds of people. They asked me to look for its picture online and print it up so they could tell other people about it. After work, I found this link with this picture:

Today I had to deliver the sad news, that the picture is fake.

Unfortunately, the dream crushing didn’t end there. Shortly after breaking the news about the snake, one of the guys pulled out a one trillion dollar bill with Lincoln’s face on the front and a message about Jesus on the back. Even after I told him that it wasn’t real money, he still handled it like it was fragile. I’m not sure if he believed me or not.

  1. I thought that 1 trillion dollar bill bought your way into heaven?

    • Joseph

      I’ll try to explain that to him.

  2. Josh P

    Stop crushing people’s dreams…what’s next? Santa Claus, theTooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny?

    • Joseph

      Those are all on my list.

  3. Okay, not gonna lie… I saw the title and the pictures and my heart stopped beating for a second while I thought about yall living in a country that has some kind of freakishly large reptile called the “Dream Crusher.” Eesh.

    • Joseph

      If it makes you think we are more awesome, you can go on thinking that.

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