We finally had a chance to catch up with Hoax (and two of his daughters.) It was a good visit, but unfortunately pretty short. Since we aren’t living at Sobega, but had to meet there, we couldn’t sit down on our porch to chat and eat like we would have preferred. Nonetheless, we had a good time. They met Sylvie for the first time.

Hoax has given her the name of his youngest daughter, Catula. It was a little weird how persistent he was in calling Sylvie Catula and saying, “Big Catula, this is little Catula,” but I’m sure we should feel honored. We are going to stick with “Sylvie,” even thought the Catula-Catula hug was pretty cute:

The kids also had fun on the rope swing and splashing in the puddles…until Lucy took a spill.

Everett also took a few spills, but didn’t seem to mind as much until later when he started to feel cold.

We concluded our visit by giving them some gifts we had brought back from the States. They were pretty thrilled about that.

  1. Isn’t everyone thrilled to get new underwear?

  2. Kelley Haff

    Did you get a chance to have any kind of real conversation with him? Do you know how his faith is growing since you left? Has someone else been discipling him?

    • Joseph

      Kelley, I wish I could answer those questions, but it wasn’t much of a chance to really catch up. Hopefully we will have that opportunity soon.

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