It’s nice to get some credit for having had a disease with a name. This information was sent out to NTM missionaries in PNG today:

There is a new disease going throughout PNG; it has been confirmed by the IMR (Institute of Medical Research) in Goroka. It is called Chikungunya Fever.
It is a self-limited (meaning it will get better by itself) viral infection that is similar to Dengue Fever. Like Dengue fever, this virus is spread by a daytime mosquito, Aedes aegypti.
It starts like many other viral infections with high fever, intense headache, and feeling very lousy. But the distinguishing features are the severe joint pain and pink rash of the trunk and extremities. The initial symptoms usually last for just a few days, but some can have a recurrence 4-10 days later. The joint pain may last weeks with a few cases lasting much longer. The classic triad of symptoms is fever, rash, and severe joint pain in an endemic area.

I had that.

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