These are some of the guys who are part of the Center Operations Cooperative. Today, as you can see, we were working on putting metal siding on one of the houses here at the Center.

Earlier this week, we were finishing up a renovation job at another house where we had done some painting and removed some old carpet from a few rooms. On the last day, when we were cleaning up, the guys had rolled up the carpet very neatly. Curious, I asked if they were going to throw it out and they told me they were taking it home to put on their beds. (Their “beds” are typically bamboo platforms a foot or two above the ground, so carpet might actually improve them.) I thought that was better than throwing it away, so I didn’t try to stop them.

Today, at our morning meeting, one of the boss-men told all the guys who work with the Center Operations Caretakers that, from now on, anything left over from a project that seems like trash needs to be brought back to headquarters so that, occasionally, all the goodies can be divided amongst all the guys. “Why?” you ask. Well, it turns out the guys had taken the carpet and sold it for a pretty penny and so the rest of the workmen were jealous that they hadn’t gotten a cut.

Lesson learned.

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  1. MomO

    Very enterprising! Interesting to realize that kind of thing goes on everywhere. Recycling – good; being dishonest, not so much.

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