Yesterday, I wrote about a couple of guys taking advantage of a situation in a way that may not have been entirely aboveboard. Today, I’m writing about the same two guys (and using the same picture because I don’t carry my camera with me to the worksite.)

As I was walking with Alex and Kawage to our job site, we started talking again about the giant snake, which was allegedly found in the Red Sea. This led to a couple of questions about Moses that followed this line of reasoning: If Moses didn’t get to go into the promised land because he disobeyed God, then did he go to Heaven? I responded by asking them what gets someone into heaven. The first response was “living a good life,” then something I forgot, then “believing Jesus died on the cross.” I will say with a lot of confidence based on PNG experience that, even though they said Jesus died on the cross, this answer does not indicate any connection between Jesus’ death and our sin–the first response reveals a lot more about what they think.

So after I asked a few more questions, “we” decided that, since they don’t know much about the Bible and I’m a missionary, I should teach them. Of course, as a missionary, this is pretty exciting to me. I talked with Elizabeth and we decided that on Mondays, I’ll run home at lunch time, scarf down a quick meal and then go sit with the guys during most of the lunch hour to talk about the story of the Bible. I told the guys after lunch that we would start our story time on Monday and they informed me that a bunch of the other work men were also eager to hear. So, on Monday, we will be starting in Genesis–I don’t have any idea yet how many “we” will be. Please be praying as I prepare for this and for the guys who seem interested in knowing what the Bible has to say.

  1. Terri

    I LOVE hearing this!!!! It’s so exciting to know that every single one of us (no matter which side of the globe we’re on) is in the ideal position to respond to people who are seeking the truth. If only we will pay attention and be willing when the door swings open. Can’t wait to read the post-Monday update.

  2. Awesome, bro. I will be praying.

  3. Ashley

    That’s so awesome! I’m looking forward to hearing about the studies and the conversations! It’s a great reminder to me that I can share Jesus with my co-workers too. We may not all called to be evangelists (like you guys!) but we are all certainly called to be a witness. Love you Osborns!

  4. The Glovers

    Praise God! What an incredible opportunity. I have never had anyone ask me these kind of questions in the states. Will be praying.

  5. Kelly

    Praying for The Lord to grant you wisdom for the words you use and the language you will be speaking. Praying for their hearts and minds to be soft and open. Excited!!

  6. Karen

    This is the so awesome. I think that by now your lunch hour has come and gone, but I will be praying that every Monday’s lunch hour will be blessed. And maybe that the quick lunch Elizabeth provides will sustain you! 🙂

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