This looks like a nice bunch of fellas, huh? They actually aren’t too bad, they just aren’t used to having their picture taken, so they don’t smile for it. These are the guys who showed up today to hear me talk about the Bible. It was exciting to have this many guys there, but it also presented some new challenges.

During the lunch break, we only had about thirty-five minutes to actually sit and talk, so we didn’t cover too much. We made it through creation (Genesis 1 and 2.) It was hard to get a feel for what the guys were thinking because there were so many–this was much different than just talking with Hoax and Margaret. Based on what they said, they enjoyed it and we planned to meet again on Thursday during lunch, but we will see how many come back. Here are a few things I learned (and things you can be praying for):

  • I’ve got to figure out how to get them involved. This is a challenge because they are hesitant to answer questions. I don’t know if they are intimidated by me or by each other.
  • I need to mix things up. It seems like their expectation (possibly based on “church” experience) was to just sit and listen.
  • I think many of them nap during lunch and, even though none of them dosed off, I could tell some were close.
  • I need to bring some food. I think that will help with energy and attendance. Good thing I’ve got a great, willing cook at home.

Overall, I would say it was a slow start, but at least a solid start. There is some room for improvement so hopefully I can get some things worked out. Nonetheless, I am encouraged that guys came; I’m encouraged that they said my Pidgin is good and they understood everything; and I’m encouraged that they want to meet again soon.

  1. Karen

    Great start! Remember the Lord is really in this. How exciting that they want to meet with you. With so many other missionaries that are there, are you the first to have a conversational style with them? That really might be a new concept for them. and food always helps!

  2. MomO

    This is so wonderful! We are praying for you and these men and ask that they learn about the one true Heavenly Father who loves them and sacrificed everything for them (and for us). Poppop and I are starting a Bible study at the federally assisted apartment building on Peachtree where we’ve been meeting once a month. Our friends want to learn about how to know God’s will. Please keep us in your prayers, too. Luv U.

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