Today, when I showed up to the lunch/break room, the guys were each huddled over their own plate of rice which they were devouring. The rice had “tin-fish” (canned fish of some variety) mixed in for flavor. Despite their portion size, which I would describe as a mound in danger of toppling of the plate, they were pleased to finish both loaves of banana bread that Elizabeth had made and sent with me. We were off to a good start.

Then I asked them some questions reviewing Monday’s lesson and they did an excellent job answering and were very engaged. In fact, I was surprised that they answered the questions so well and felt better about Lesson #1 as a result.

Following that, we dove into Genesis 3 and some new material. Throughout the lesson they all seemed to be alert and tracking with–certainly an answer to prayer. The funniest moment of the day (to me) was after I talked about God cursing the ground with thorns and thistles making it hard to grow food. When I asked if they could relate to this, there was an eruption of affirmation since they all have first hand experience with carving out the jungle to grow food.

Most of them were at least somewhat familiar with the story of Genesis 3, but the thing that seemed to be new was the idea of God’s image in man being corrupted by sin. As I reiterated that Adam and Eve were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and, then explained that the original, perfect image was tarnished by disobedience, they were paying very close attention. And then when I read Genesis 5:3 explaining that Adam and Eve passed that corrupted image on to their children (and all of us) they seemed almost excited about this new idea. Hopefully, this is the beginning of them understanding the truth of our depravity.

FYI, a couple of the guys were sick and out from work today. We had seven guys and two ladies in attendance.

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  1. Praying for continued fruitfulness in this Bible study.

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