The PNG ladies like Sylvie.  I think they like all little white babies.  Its cute to see them hold her.

The other day I was in the store talking to a couple of PNG national ladies who work there.  I kind of laughed at our conversation about Sylvie.  The conversation went sort of like this:

Them: She (Sylvie) has gotten so fat!  Oh, she’s a fat baby!

Me: Yeah

Them: She must eat a lot!

Me: She pretty much just nurses.  I try to give her food, but she spits it out.

Them: (shocked faces) Is she two months old?

Me: No, she’s six months old.

Them: (again shocked faces) You should give her a banana.  She’ll like that.  Just peel it and give it to her.  She needs to eat!

It kind of felt like talking to some concerned grandmas in the states! I guess they thought a six month old should be eating food!  And I guess they aren’t so concerned with starting babies off with vegetables instead of fruits like folks in the states are!

I don’t think Sylvie’s a super fat baby…not compared to our others anyway!  We have been trying to feed this baby girl food (rice cereal, pumpkin, avocado, and sweet potato), but she isn’t crazy about it yet.  She is much more interested in trying to push the spoon out of her mouth with her tongue.  Oh well.  I’m sure she’ll get it eventually. Here’s proof that we’ve been trying!


And another time this happened at the table:


And just for fun, a few more of our 6 month baby girl! She’s growing up so fast!



  1. Annabelle

    I love that sweet white baby too!!

  2. Mollie Puryear

    oh what a cute fat white baby 🙂 they would have died to see my boys… she is so cute! I can’t blame her…I would push baby food out of my mouth too. Blech!

  3. Rick

    I love Sylvie!

  4. Wow. She is so beautiful.
    And why aren’t there socks on that baby’s feet?… Bless her heart, she’s gonna catch a cold……………….


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