This is Kawage, one of the guys who is coming to the Bible study I’m going through right now. He is very outgoing, and easy to talk to. He knows a lot already, but I don’t think he understands that a relationship with God is dependent on Jesus’ accomplishments, not ours. You can be praying that God would soften his heart and enable him to understand the truth.

Today, during my time with the guys, I was talking about Cain and Abel, Noah and Babel. The guys are familiar with these stories, so it easy to move through the details quickly and then talk about the themes and the important points. One of today’s points was that God judges sin. Another point was that God provides a way to life if we believe and obey him. Adam and Eve had a way to life, but rejected it (and God) resulting in judgement; Cain rejected God’s way and was judged; likewise, the people of Noah’s day were judged, but God provided a way to life for Noah and his family; the Babel-ians rejected God’s instruction and were judged.

When we were talking about Cain and Abel, I asked why God had rejected Cain’s offering. I was hoping for answer based on Genesis 4:7 along the lines of “Cain had not done right” (or “well” depending on your translation.) Instead Kawage gave an answer that I’ve heard before, but is not explained in the text. Is it a right answer? Who knows, it’s not in the Bible one way or the other. So I asked the guys, “What if one pastor says this, another missionary says that–how do you know what to believe?” After a bit of silence, Alex chimed in with “Only the Bible.” That was such an encouragement to me because I had spent quite a bit of time in our first lesson making this point: don’t follow me, another missionary or a pastor, but follow what the Bible says. This is a huge deal here especially where so many “pastors” preach legalism and works-based salvation. I was thrilled to hear Alex give this answer. After we looked at the passage again, I explained that Kawage’s answer may be true, but other explanations are possible as well–the important thing is to trust what is clearly in God’s word.

Another encouraging thing from today was that James (the bee-killer) missed our meeting, but walked in right at the end. He was visibly disappointed and apologized explaining that he had forgotten. I’m not glad that he missed our time, but I was happy that he clearly had wanted to be there. I sat with him for another ten minutes and tried to re-cap today’s lesson.

So things are continuing well. Please keep praying for us.

Note this: if you want more details on what we are covering (and you weren’t around last time with Hoax) you can read some of my older posts because I’m following the same outline again. You can start here.

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