A couple weeks ago Molly Burns asked me what my days were like.  I wrote her back a super long email about my days and then realized that all of you might like to hear about my days.  So I cut and pasted my email to Molly.

“My days…oh, they are all the same. My phone goes off at 5:30…I snooze one time and get out of bed at 5:39. That’s after a night of being up several times putting Sylvie’s bop back in (each time checking my phone to see how much more sleep I get…always afraid it’s going to already be 5) I find my workout clothes in the dark (you’d think I would start setting them out, huh?) and find the iPad (again, maybe I should plan ahead) then open the trap door and climb down the ladder into the basement where I do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video. It wears me out. Then I come back up the ladder, pouring sweat and fill a huge cup of water. I sit at the table, drink my water and read some Philippians and then a chapter of “Created to be his Help Meet”. Around 6:30 Ev and Lucy start getting up so I send them back to their beds until 7. Before 7 I start a load of laundry and start cooking oatmeal. At 7 I let everyone get up and I switch the laundry to spin and nurse Sylvie snd then we all eat together. I try to shove spoonfuls of rice cereal into Sylvie’s mouth while she shoves her tongue out.  After we finish I clear the table and wash the oatmeal pot and the coffee press and set the sinks up for the girls to wash the dishes. (Joseph leaves to get to work at 8) Belle and Lucy come wash the dishes and I run outside to move the laundry to rinse. Ev holds the hose for me. Then I make Everett’s bed and our bed and get myself and Everett dressed. I also pick out clothes for the girls and put them on their beds. The girls finish the dishes and head to their room to get dressed and make their beds. I go back outside and put the laundry in the spinner for the last round. I come back in and usually tell the girls to make their beds because they haven’t done it and I brush and fix their hair. Then we all go outside and hang the laundry. The kids have a low line they hang small stuff on. Then we all go in. I lay Sylvie down and we start school at 9am. Sometimes we have time between laundry and school…but Sylvie doesn’t nap until 9, so if we do the kids just play. At 9 we start school. Ev sits with us to do Bible time and then goes to his room for about 30 min of room time. He cries and tries to come out and gets in trouble. We do school. Ev sits with us when I let him out. He colors or cuts scraps of paper…or makes trouble…or plays in the den on the floor. Daddy comes in at 10 for break time and we have a snack with him. Then more school. We finish up by 11 which is when Sylvie wakes up. I nurse Sylvie. On Mon and Thurs we rush off to the store (on the base…super close to our house) at 11. It’s only open Monday and Thursday and it closes at 11:30. I look crazy wearing Sylvie in the moby wrap and pushing an empty double stroller which I will use to push groceries back to my house. When we get back I make lunch. Joseph gets home around noon and we try to be ready to eat when he gets home. We all eat together. He leaves at 1. The girls clear the table and I wash the dishes. Lucy wipes the table. Ev wipes the chairs and Belle sweeps. Then we head outside to run around and play on the playground hoping to get Ev to actually take a nap afterward. We head back in at 1:30 or so and I lay Ev down and Sylvie down. The girls and I pile on the couch and read “Farmer Boy”, our current little house book. When we finish they go to rest time and read books on their beds for an hour or so. Sometimes I accomplish something. Sometimes I deal with Ev the whole time for getting up…sometimes I take a nap. It depends on if Ev actually slept and how well Sylvie slept, but everyone is up at 3:30 or so. Nurse Sylvie. I grab the laundry off the line and we fold it together. Then put it away, together. Then the kids play. Around 4:15 or 4:30 we have clean up time. They have clean up songs they listen to for this. Except on Monday and Thursday when we go to the market at 4. So I put S and E in the stroller and the girls and I walk down and we buy fresh goodness. So they clean up earlier on Monday and Thursday…or later. If its not a market day we go play outside during this time usually. I get supper ready. Often I do something during rest time to get it ready too. Joseph gets home around 5. We try to eat at 5:30. The girls set the table for supper. I feed Sylvie an avocado which she doesn’t eat, just like the rice cereal. I clean up while Joseph gets the kids started getting ready for bed. Or if it’s early enough he plays with them while I clean up. Then I feed Sylvie and lay her down around 6:30. Then Ev. Read him a book and sing “The Wheels on the Bus”. One of us reads the girls a bible story and prays. Often they read something out loud too. That’s around 7. Then I feel ready to crash. Like I want to go to bed then. So I fall onto the couch and watch an episode of Friends and check Facebook and email and Pinterest and end up going to bed by 8:30 or 9.

Was that more detail than you wanted? 😉 Do you feel like you spent the day with us now??  It’s funny how routine we are here. But I feel like it is SO good for the kids. They are thriving on it. I feel like a better mom too. It feels good.”

Not much has changed since writing that email.  I do however, get up with my first alarm at 5:30 these days.  I started walking with a friend on Tuesday and Thursday mornings instead of doing the video.  And I took my own advice and started laying my clothes and the ipad out the night before.  Oh, and although Sylvie still doesn’t like to eat, now she spits out a variety of foods (rice cereal. avocado, pumpkin, sweet potato, peas and carrots).  Since Joseph now has his bible study with the workmen on Mondays and Thursdays we don’t all get to eat together as a family for those lunches anymore (Meals together is a definite perk of missionary life!).  He does come home and eat a sandwich really quick, but he has to leave right away to meet the guys. Our days will undoubtably be different when we move into a tribe and start language learning, but during this time of life on the base it seems we have found a good groove!

Here is me and my crazy brood as we stroll back from the store!

  1. Melissa

    I always love reading about people’s days. Thanks for sharing! We’re all about keeping routines here, too. The girls just thrive on it, like you said. Room time has been the best thing! What are you using for homeschooling? I’m starting to look into stuff.

    MIss you. Wish I could just stop in to chat.

    • elizabeth

      oh, i would just LOVE that! i would so love to meet your girls and sit and chat with you! i’m thankful for your blog so i can see all of you! i think i’m going to do a post about what we are using for homeschool soon.

  2. Ashley

    I loved reading that too! I often wonder about what y’all are doing at any given part of the day:) So structured too. What about weekends??

    • elizabeth

      i might just have to do a weekend post too. you know this is WAY structured for me!!

  3. The Glovers

    Did u pick a home school curriculum? Loved reading about your day.

    • elizabeth

      yes! i think i’ll be doing a post about that soon…people keep asking me what we are using for school!

  4. Shandi

    Wow, I enjoyed this so much! Thanks for sharing!

  5. MomO

    I’ll be thinking about you and your exercise or walks as I’m “rolling around on the floor” doing mine! I’m not as good as you, though. It takes me at least three snoozes to get my feet on the floor. Love you all dearly.

  6. Molly Burns

    I was gone when you posted all these and am just catching up – this post is as funnier now than it was the first time I read it. Praying for your mundane days, that they will bring glory to the Lord! You are awesome!

  7. Lindsey New

    Thanks for the details!!

  8. Ashley Gaymon

    Oh my goodness! I just read this, and I am so impressed. I know that the kids love having such a fun routine with their mommy! I will pray that you enjoy the routine, too (and that Sylvie will start eating and sleeping)! We love you guys and miss you so much.

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