Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Papindo, one of the stores in town. It is a new location that opened while we were gone. We were eager to see how nice was…or wasn’t.

We were surprised to see these carts with little cars. You can see the two guys in the background of this picture who have just stopped to watch us. This is typical–we were, after all, the only white people in the store.


I’m not sure why “Krispies” got the shaft, but either way I don’t think this box of cereal would be worth almost $8. Guaranteed to be stale, but most shoppers here don’t know what they should taste like.


We’ll pass on this next one:


We didn’t have the guts to try this, but maybe sometime:

  1. But you can get 4 bags of Seaweed Lays for the price of one box of Rice Bubbles.

  2. Beth McMeekin

    I would love to try the seaweed flavor. I love the seaweed that comes with the ahi tuna at Casbah. Yum yum.

  3. Karen

    Wow! Did you find anything that could be considered affordable comfort food?

    • Joseph

      Thanks Kelley. I’m glad to hear “Krispies” isn’t an offensive term.

  4. MomO

    Can’t wait to hear about the croc meat! Alligator is good, so I suspect that crock meat is, too. Probably tastes like chicken, right?

  5. Pop Pop


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