This is Wanpis. He wasn’t at work today and so he wasn’t at the Bible Study either. That is one of the challenges we face–I don’t think any of the guys have been there every time. So reviewing is very important.

Today we talked about Israel’s slavery in Egypt, God raising up Moses and rescuing the Jews by his power and the Red Sea. One of the main points I tried to emphasize was God’s desire to display his own glory and power to Israel (Genesis 6:6-8) and to Egypt (Genesis 7:1-5.)

To be honest, it was a bit of an off day. Alex was just coming back to work after almost two weeks off with Chikungunya Fever and all the guys seemed very tired. Elizabeth suggested I take coffee next time. This seems like a good idea for energy and because the guys will appreciate it so I’m going to try to figure out the logistics. (I make my own coffee in a french press that only makes 2-3 cups, so that won’t suffice for the whole group.)

If all goes according to plan, Thursday should be an important day. We will be talking about the Law. This is a big deal because most PNG “Christians” think they are going to Heaven based on their good lives and their ability to follow God’s rules. Hopefully I can crush that hope for all of these guys. Please be praying that all the guys will be there and that they will recognize their inability to obey perfectly as we look at some of God’s commands.

  1. Kelly K

    Praying for Thursday.
    I’m reading Galatians and understand the struggle of seeing Christ who He really is – my redeemer from the curse of the law, because he became the curse (3:13) – versus thinking Christ is pleased with me because of what I do or have done.

    Hope the coffee helps as you crush that hope and reveal the TRUTH.

  2. The Glovers

    Praying. Maybe get a bigger press? 🙂

    • Joseph

      If only we had a Walmart or a Target!

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