Today we talked about the Law–more specifically, the ten commandments. I started with God offering his deal to Israel (Exodus 19:3-8) and Israel saying that they would obey. Then we worked our way through the ten commandments.

When I do this in America, people typically make it through the first two commandments unscathed (in their own estimation) because they have not literally bowed down to idols. Not so today. After the first commandment, I asked if anyone had broken it and a few of the guys said yes and James described actually treating something made by human hands as a god. This was new for me. We continued on and soon had everyone with a least a few checks in the guilt column.

Then I read the first part of Deuteronomy 28 in which God promises great blessing to Israel for obedience. Having finished, I asked if they would have liked to have been a Jew and received this blessing. I got a lot of yeses. The I read much of the rest of Deuteronomy 28 in which God explains the consequences for not obeying the law. I restated the question and they were no longer so sure that being a Jew would have been desirable.

We discussed the fact that each of us has broken God’s law and therefore deserves punishment. It seemed like everyone was grasping this, but amazingly, after we finished, Dixon (pictured above) explained to me that obeying this Law we had just discussed is how we get to Heaven. So on Monday, we’ll be repeating this lesson. That is fine by me though because a few guys were not there today and this point is important enough to cover twice. The good news from today is that some of the guys really seemed to be wrestling with their understanding of their own attempts to follow the law.

What do you think?