In the picture above I have two extremes from the coffee-quality-spectrum. On the right, some of the best coffee beans in the world fresh from a local coffee garden recently roasted and packaged. On the left, coffee beans from the same source that have been sent to Australia to become instant coffee. I prefer door number blue. Many of the coffee growers themselves here in PNG prefer door number left. And thus, I have solved my previous problem of how to serve coffee to the guys in our Bible study without a large enough coffee press.

Last Thursday we talked about the prophets and their message to Israel and Judah: repent and turn back to God. Then we talked about Israel’s and Judah’s continued rebellion culminating in the defeat of each by Assyria and Babylon resulting in captivity for both. It was a pretty heavy lesson, but at the end all of the guys agreed that they deserve judgement just like Israel and Judah.

Today we started with a review of the major points we have covered so far–particularly those that apply to us. We spent a good deal of time on our sinful nature inherited form Adam and Eve and I borrowed an illustration from Jesus* to emphasize the fact that our sinful actions are a product of our sinful nature just like the fruit is of a banana or papaya tree. When I asked what the “pay” for sin is, the guys didn’t hesitate to say “death.” And they were clear on the fact that becoming clean in God’s eyes is not work that we can accomplish.

We then began with Jesus’ life. We didn’t get much past his birth because we talked quite a bit about the implications of the virgin birth–namely that Jesus did not inherit Adam’s sin. We’ll have to see as time goes along, but I’m not sure if that clicked for any of them. They understood the point, but I don’t know if any of them realized the significance of us needing a perfect sacrifice and Jesus being born perfect unlike the rest of us.

More to come.


*I don’t think he’ll mind.

What do you think?