This is Malon. As you can see, he is one of the older guys in the group. He has been working here at Lapilo for sixteen years. He is very excited to be hearing the “whole story.”

Today we talked about Jesus’ miracles primarily. I picked out a few representative passages to show Jesus’ power to heal, cast out demons, forgive sins, and control creation. The guys were particularly interested as I explained Jesus’ logic in Mark 2–that it is harder to say “get up and walk” because there is no faking that. (It is such a cool experience to see these guys understand a truth like that and realize the implications.) I explained that the principle Jesus lays out in that conversation sheds light on the purpose of all his miracles: his miracles demonstrate that he is not merely a man, but the son of God. And a guy who can do all that, can do more (like forgive sins) as well.

The day went well even though there was nothing ground breaking about it. I assume that these guys have heard many, if not all, of these stories before and I didn’t have much to add. Next Monday, however, we will be talking more about the things Jesus said. I think this will, again, challenge what the guys think and force them to consider some new things. Please be praying for us as we come close to the end of this phase.

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  1. Ashley

    Have been praying for you! I live reading about this and so excited to witness God at work!

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