Our local rugby team got new uniforms and asked me to take a team picture. It turned into six team pictures and seventeen individual ones, but who’s counting. I turned one of them into what you see above just for fun. I’ll see tomorrow how some of them like it.

Three of these guys work here at Lapilo–two of them are COC guys who come to my Bible Study, but I’m sure you already picked them out. Alex and Dixon if you’re looking.

  1. Love how you’re a photography missionary. Next time you’re on furlough, come to Allendale. My football players would love this blinged-up pictures.

    Speaking of Allendale . . . . As someone who lives in a community that is 77% black, I hope I can say this without offending anyone. . . . But we are constantly amazed on how all the men look alike. If you didn’t caption your photos, I’d think you were photoshopping one guy’s head.

    • And I meant, the men in PNG (not Allendale).

    • Terri

      Joey, I’m so glad you said that. I thought it was just me. But the PNG features are all SOOOO similar from one face to the other. Please keep identifying them by name, Joseph.

    • Joseph

      I’ve been told more than once over here that all white people look the same.

  2. Denise

    Just now catching up on the blog. I always enjoy Joey’s comments. I laugh out loud quite often. This one hit the nail on the head. I had pretty much decided Hoax was the only person you knew in PNG and you had been photoshopping his head everywhere. (and his name is “hoax”)

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