This is Gosalakame, one of the two ladies who work with COC and come to our Bible study. They have been coming more frequently over the last few weeks after only showing up intermittently initially. I’m glad that they are showing up (even if it is only to drink coffee and eat Elizabeth’s banana bread.)

Today only three of the nine guys showed up (in addition to the two ladies.) A couple of the men were not at work today–Dixon because he is nursing a rugby injury and Wanpis because his wife and newborn are in the hospital–but I’m not sure what happened with the rest of the guys. Instead of going ahead with the lesson I had planned, I decided to just talk with those who were there and ask them some questions. As I asked specifically about how someone might get to Heaven, the consensus was that we have to stop sinning, tell God we are sorry and start doing good things. Although this is incorrect, I was glad to hear what they are thinking. I asked them how they thought God would have responded to Adam and Eve if they had said they were sorry and promised to be good. They all agreed he would have expelled them from the garden anyway. I asked them what God would do if a Jewish man under the Law sinned and didn’t sacrifice a sheep, but said he was sorry and tried to be good. They all agreed that he would not be forgiven. Why then, I asked, would God approve of us if we say “sorry” and try to be good? No answer.

Then Benjamin said, “Joseph, God gave the Israelites a way to become clean in His eyes by making sacrifices, but what way has he given us in our time?” Sorry, Benny, you’ll just have to wait. I told him we are very close to the end–probably two more lessons–but I’m still not going to skip ahead. I assured him that I will answer that question as soon as I can. Please pray for all these guys as we come to the end and pray that they will not be hindered from showing up to hear.

  1. Terri

    Just curious about gender issues in PNG. Is there any disdain for the women attending the same study with the men? Are the men elevated above women there? Is there a lot of gender segregation in normal cultural activities?

    P.S. I’m enjoying following along on the study and how it piques their interest and opens their eyes to their personal need for the answer!

    • Joseph

      Terri, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with women being in the Bible study. Overall, I would say that attitudes towards women are similar to other third world countries–and that’s all I’ll say about that here.

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