This is Balux. More on him at the end.

Yesterday was not a work day here in the commonwealth where we were celebrating the Queen’s birthday, so we met today (Tuesday) instead. We talked about Jesus’ teaching working through the following points:

  1. Jesus preached repentance (Mark 1:14-15)
  2. Sinful actions are a result of our sinfulness (Mark 7:20-23)
  3. God wasn’t pleased with the pride of the Pharisees (Luke 18:9-14)
  4. Jesus upped the ante by addressing the heart instead of behavior (Matthew 5:21-47)
  5. Jesus’ standard is perfection (Matthew 5:48)
  6. We must be born again (John 3:1-6)
  7. Jesus would be lifted up like the snake for eternal life (John 3:14-16)
  8. Eternal life is knowing God–not just Heaven (John 17:3)
  9. Jesus is the only way to God (John 14:6)
  10. Jesus predicted his death (Mark 9:30-32; 10:32-34)

Today was really great. The guys were hanging on every point and paying very close attention to everything. As I was asking questions, they were recalling things form previous lessons and making connections in a very encouraging way. I am excited to see what happens next time.

After our time together, as I was walking back to our house before returning to work, Balux jogged to catch up with me and told me how happy he was about what he has been hearing. And then he told me that every time I teach, he goes home after work and gathers his wife and kids together and tells them, “This is what Joseph said today…” He explained to me that they have heard different things from pastors in this area, but have never heard the whole story in the way I am teaching it. With tears in his eyes, he said they are learning and understanding new things for the first time. As you might imagine, this was a humbling and extremely encouraging experience.

  1. That IS really encouraging.

    I just don’t understand why you keep showing pictures of the same guy, and calling them different names?

    • Denise

      See? Funny again.

  2. Michelle

    Praise GOD!! Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us. It is wonderful to see how God is using you in the lives of these people. And to see them taking it home and sharing it again….amazing!

  3. MomO

    Just like “your men”, I find myself hanging on every word of your story. What wonderful answers to prayer! I’ve been wondering and praying about what the men would do with the information that they are more clearly understanding and learning. Now to pray that they can communicate clearly so the gospel will spread though their community. I just read in Colossians about how Paul encouraged the Christians there to “hold tight” to what they had learned and to not let false teachers influence them. It sounds as though these men have had lots of the wrong-headed teaching. We will continue to pray for you and them. The answers are so encouraging – thanks for allowing us to be part of the story!

  4. Pop Pop

    Probably nobody has ever made the commitment to these men like this and taken the time to explain how it all works and answer their questions. ???

    It’s hard to understand fractions when you don’t know the difference between a 2 and a 4.

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