This weekend a container full of food arrived from the U.S.! Yay! It is so exciting to get a new load of American food. Since there isn’t a lot available in town, the store on our base orders stuff from America to give us more options. The shelves have been pretty skimpy since we got back because there hasn’t been a shipment in a while.

Joseph and about twenty other people unloaded it from the back of the semi into the warehouse on our base. That means this week (maybe even today) we will have “new” food in our store. When I say “new” I really just mean things that have been out of stock for a while even though they have aged on the sea over the last 3-6 months. I’m most excited about chocolate chips, chips (even though Joseph didn’t see any while unloading, I’m holding out hope,) Cheerios for Sylvie, and mayonnaise.

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  1. Lindsey New

    What does Sylvie snack on when there’s no Cheerios?

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