We have had an especially busy week so far and want to update you all on a few things. So, here they are:

Bible Study

I met with the guys on Monday, as usual, and it went really well. I reviewed the basic points of the gospel thoroughly and asked a bunch of questions to test their understanding. I’m confident that they are clear on what the gospel is–which is great. God has certainly blessed the time we have had together and enabled me to communicate clearly in a way that they have understood. On an individual basis, I would still like to dig a little deeper. I’m curious what each of them might say about the new things they have learned and, specifically, what has changed in their thinking or believing. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do this.

The Walkers

Our partners, the Walkers, received the visa for their new baby and have already purchased plane tickets. They will be back here in PNG in less than two weeks. Please pray for them as they prepare to say goodbye and travel around the world again.


Very soon we will be moving from Lapilo back over to Sobega (pictured above) where we spent our first year here in PNG. This is very exciting because, along with the Walkers’ return, it marks a change in our status from “holding pattern” to actively working toward getting ourselves into a tribe. The next few months will involve a lot of planning, scouting and transitioning.

Now you know.

  1. Ashley

    At this point is it just y’all and the Walkers? There’s not another couple as of yet? Will this be part of recruiting?

    • Joseph

      Just the two of us now…we are recruiting, are you volunteering?

  2. Ashley

    Willing and ready! 🙂

  3. Kelley Haff

    Such exciting news! It sounds like the Walker’s paperwork came through with much more speed than yours did!

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