We have spent the last two days packing which is not my favorite thing to do. You would think we would be great at it since we have done it so many times over our 10 years of marriage, but it still isn’t much fun. (Truth be told, Joseph is great at it–I am not.)

While we were packing, we learned boxes aren’t just good for holding belongings…they are also perfect for learning to pull up! I guess they were just the right height! Such a big girl.

Today we finished moving everything and tonight we are sleeping in our new home! We are excited about this move because it gets us one step closer to our ultimate move into the tribe! Now to get all settled in…

  1. Pop Pop

    …..before the next move

  2. Ashley

    Oh my word! I cannot believe how big she is. Exciting about the move!

  3. Lindsey New

    Exciting! Sylvie looks so big!

  4. MomO

    Andie has also learned to pull herself up. She knows how to squeal, too. Especially during her Daddy’s sermons.

  5. Aunt Hannah (Nanny)

    Nate says that Sylvie & Andie are not allow to grow up!

What do you think?