This weekend we took a trip to the beach. The timing was right because the next phase of our lives/ministry will be busy, intense and long so we don’t anticipate another chance for a break for a while. Plus, our tenth anniversary is this month, so we got to celebrate that too (everyone takes four kids on a tenth anniversary trip right?) We sure enjoyed it and if you come to visit us in the future, we can arrange for you to enjoy it too.




There wasn’t much of a beach–only a small area where they had trucked in some sand–but we made the most of it.



Sylvie was trooper.





Some of our missionary friends babysat one night so we could go on an anniversary date which was a real treat.

Three of our kids shared a double bed sleeping sideways.


At first we thought the shore was lined with rocks, but then we realized it is vast, beautiful coral reef. We borrowed a mask and snorkel so Elizabeth and I could take turns exploring. We saw some awesome coral and most of the cast of Finding Nemo.





  1. MomO

    I can’t wait until there is a place built where I can plop my sleeping bag! I doubt that I would fit sideways on a double bed, but I’m willing to try. That’s the way the Amish do it when their children are small. As always, the pictures make it feel like we’re almost there. It’s not the same as getting a real live hug, though! We love you all.

  2. Kelly K

    I’m so gald y’all got to do that! It looks amazing! I love all the pictures, especially the one of flower crowned Lucy!

  3. Rick

    Happy Anniversary!
    Love you guys!
    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

    Elizabeth, Joseph doesn’t like Forest Gump.
    Has that been a problem, as I predicted?
    I mean, if you’ve made it this far with a
    guy who doesn’t like Forest Gump, I feel that
    you guys are going to be OK…

    God bless you guys! Sylvie is getting big!
    PNG looks as beautiful as our beaches in HI!

    • Joseph

      Still overrated.

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