We have been living back at Sobega for a couple weeks now, but because of the unpacking process and two trips out of town, today was the first time I have hiked out to Hoax’s house. He wasn’t there, unfortunately, so I didn’t get to talk with him. However, I took some pictures along the way and thought I’d share a few.

This is a newly planted potato garden. As you can see, they mound the dirt and then stick a shoot from another potato plant in the top of each mound.

I came across some kids playing a game of soccer.

And watched long enough to see the game end and the bet be settled with an exchange of marbles.

On the way back I hiked to the top of a hill a little off the main path where I could look across a valley and see our house with the goal of waving to the kids, but they couldn’t see me because of the distance. At the top of that hill, though, I found a tomb that wasn’t there before.

What do you think?