I showed you all ten pictures from my recent trip into Sendeni, but I thought some of you might also be interested in what we were doing there. Sendeni is a tribe where missionaries have been for a long time. They spent more than ten years learning a very difficult language and have planted a church there and are continuing in discipleship and Bible translation. We went in to update and improve the solar electric system on one of the houses. We took with us some new solar panels and other essential equipment for the task.

Here is the hub with three breaker boxes, three charge controllers and an inverter. This is the brains of the system which connects with the solar panels and batteries and distributes electricity throughout the house.

This is a radio that is used in the house of one of the tribal guys who is a Bible teacher and a translation helper. The radio wasn’t working so we took it apart. Since none of us were radio experts we then put it back together. And it worked. Praise the Lord.

In this next picture, I’m the one in the blue pants mounting the new solar panels on the roof. The other guy is Kevin, one of our tech specialist who is living here in PNG (with his own family) to help families like ours make sure we can produce electricity in remote locations. In this picture, he is the brains of the operation.

This is the plane we flew out on.

Here is a video of our take-off:

This is the end of the runway, so it’s a good thing we took off.


What do you think?