Over the last year+ we have been planning to move into a tribe called Safeyoka with the Walkers to begin our tribal ministry. Recently–as in last week–a different option was presented to us. I’ll try to explain it as briefly as possible.

In 2009, two families (just like us, with NTM) started working in a tribe that neighbors Safeyoka called Menya. After a couple of years of language learning both families faced medical issues that forced them home to the States. Now, it looks like one of those families will be returning early next year and one will not be returning any time soon if at all. So there will be one family in Menya looking for two families to join their ministry and fill out a “full team.” And, along with the Walkers, we are two families looking for a third to join us. I trust you are all comfortable with basic arithmetic.

Our leadership has asked us (the Osborns and Walkers) to consider joining the Menya team. Everything about that tribe is similar to Safeyoka and the work is “nearly new” since they are still in the middle of language learning. I won’t delineate all the pros and cons now, but we wanted to let you know that I will be flying into Menya along with Dave Walker to meet the man of the family returning next year who is here in PNG by himself right now. Over the weekend we will try to get to know each other and seek the Lord’s guidance as to what course we should take. So please be praying for us in these ways:

  • Health – I’ve had a cold since Sunday and tomorrow will include an eight hour hike into Menya
  • Safety – You know, helicopter flight, jungle, wild
  • Direction – There is a lot riding on this weekend and we really hope to hear clearly from the Lord
  • Family – Elizabeth will back on the base with the kids
  1. Kelly K

    Praying now. Thanks for update.

  2. Pop Pop

    Will pray from the “Big Sky”

    Does this mean it is so remote that a copter can’t land and if that is so you will have a day’s hike to get supplies that are dropped?


    • Joseph

      No. We are checking out two different locations. We could be flown in to either.

  3. The Glovers

    Praying. Lord, have mercy.

  4. Mary Beth

    Praying! So glad y’all made it to the Menya area safely!! (although the basic arithmetic I had to do after reading your tweet was super tricky… 9hrs total? Eeesh)
    Elizabeth… Praying for you and the kiddos this weekend!! Love you all.

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