We got a kitten and we ate. It ate. We ate with the kitten.

The kitten’s name is Ariel. Ariel is black and white.

I say “here kitty, kitty.”

One dog is gonna eat her and the kitten gonna be broken. Then we gonna get a boy kitten since that one is aten.

She likes to play. I like to play with her.

  1. Get pictures of the dog eating her.

  2. Mary Beth

    Definitely read that as “we got a kitten and we ate it.”
    Everett, don’t scare me like that! …and wow, you’re cute.

    • Joseph

      MB, it may come to that one day.

  3. Taryn

    Mary Beth, I thought the same thing! Don’t know what that says about us. Or maybe we just know that anything is possible when it’s something that happened in PNG!! 🙂

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