There is a sure advantage to living in PNG when it comes to science class.

I decided our topic of study for the week should be grasshoppers since we see them all the time and we recently read about a swarm of them in a Little House book. I asked Daddy to grab a few grasshopper books at the library and I found a grasshopper outside and put it in a jar so we could have it to study.  We read one of the books together and the kids drew the grasshopper, labeled its parts, and wrote a sentence about something they had learned.

Ok, Everett didn’t do all of that.

Then we went outside and collected all of these together:

All from right around our house. The kids got so into it. In fact they kept getting more and more. We have several jars of grasshoppers on our porch today. Some of them even have names. I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have just run outside and found several different species and representatives of all life stages (we have all different sizes, including several tiny baby ones, but none of those got photographed.) We even found several molted exoskeletons like this one:

And while we were grasshopper hunting we came across a praying mantis:

And this crazy looking yellow spider:

Just a small sampling of our wildlife here! SO fun for our kids that they can get such a hands on science class!

  1. Looks like fun! Way to use the resources at hand.

  2. Aunt Hannah (Nanny)

    I love it!!!

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