Many of you know that we are currently trying to figure out whether or not to join the team of missionaries in a tribe called Menya. (If this is news to you, start here.) We are trusting God to give us wisdom and clarity in this decision. Our next step will be going into Menya while Wes is there–this time with all of the Osborns and Walkers, not just the men. We plan to stay in the two currently empty houses in the picture above.

We’ve been trying to make this trip happen for about three weeks now. Unfortunately because the airstrip in Menya is overgrown, our only transportation option is the helicopter. But the helicopter was scheduled for routine maintenance which revealed that a new part was needed…from America. So we waited for the part to arrive and now the guys have been putting everything back together and they still have to “balance the blades.” I won’t even make a joke about that not being complicated because I don’t want to confuse anyone–it is complicated. So our hope is that either Friday or Saturday our two families will be flying into Menya for two and half weeks.

You can be praying for our helicopter pilot and mechanics as they work to complete the job. The helicopter is being flown out to the island region next week to do some flights for missionaries out there so time is crunched and the guys are under a fair amount of stress to get everything done.

  1. The Glovers

    Praying from Ohio for you all.

  2. If they had their parts made in China like we do, you wouldn’t have such a long wait.

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