Yesterday I visited the COC break room to show the guys the video I made of them. It was fun to see their excitement–for most of them the first time they have seen themselves on video. It was also neat to see how they all reacted with affirmative nods whenever anyone on the video said something really clear about the gospel.

Please keep praying for these guys that they will have a desire to know God and grow in maturity.

  1. Ryan Burns

    So, what do these guys do for church… do they have the bible in their language? With that in mind, is their only language Pidgin, or do they have a tribal language they prefer to speak when they aren’t talking to you?

  2. Terri

    Risking to state the obvious, I’d say discipleship of these men is a big part of what God intends to do during the waiting. Tell them I was also smiling & nodding a lot as I watched them speak on the video. You are in the Anderson family’s prayers!

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