Since we missed our chance to get into Menya, we have a new plan. Rather than flying into Menya with the Walkers to spend some time with Wes, we are going to fly Wes and his son out here to see us. The downside is that Elizabeth and Katie won’t get to see Menya right now, but it will probably be easier here on our base to have conversations with Wes about our potential partnership. Plus, logistically it will be simpler to get two people here than eleven people there. So we are concentrating on the positive aspects of Plan B. As you can see, Everett is thrilled.

They will be coming out in about a week, so we will keep you posted.

  1. Mary Beth

    So Wes is the guy from the family in Menya who had to return to the States for medical reasons, right? The rest of the family is returning early next year and wanting you and the Walkers to join them…. or since the son is coming with him next week, does that mean the whole family has returned? How many children do they have?

    • Joseph

      Wes is here now with only his oldest son. They return to the US at the end of October. They plan to all return to PNG in January with four children by then.

  2. Andrea McKee

    Praying its a great week and that God uses this time together to give you all a clear picture of His plan for you.

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