1. Glover family

    You all are amazing. Love these photos. Pass on a hello to Kirsten from us!

    • Elizabeth osborn

      I will pass on a hello to Kirsten! Lucy loves her!!

      • Glover family

        Awesome. So glad to hear!

  2. Karen Swoap

    These are priceless pictures. Love the rock candy one! yummy!

  3. Molly

    I remember Belle in that pink dress that Sylvie’s wearing, at about the same age? Maybe B was a bit older, she was walking. Can’t believe your baby is 1!

    • Elizabeth osborn

      Oh Molly, she is growing up way too fast!! Tell me how fabulous life after babies is please!! I need to hear it! Belle did wear that dress at the same age that summer we were home from Missouri! But she walked earlier, so she was walking then!

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