Holidays here are definitely different than they are at home.  We do our best to make them fun and special for the kiddos, though!  There are no big orange pumpkins here, but there are these round, green squashes (oddly enough, they call all their squashes pumpkins here) that work pretty well for carving!

We carved up our squash on Halloween day.

Daddy did all of the knife work, but all the kids got into digging out the insides.

Even Sylvie.

Watching Daddy carve the face

We are currently living on a base that has several families, so we were able to go trick or treating!  It was so fun!  All the kids on the base went around trick or treating, and everyone participated handing out candy.  So much fun for the kids!

Our kids dressed as Doc McStuffins, Lambie (from Doc McStuffins), Jake the pirate, and Dorothy.


Lambie got wheeled around in style by Mommy

Running to the next house

Doc and Lambie

Look at that big girl standing by herself!

It was a Happy Halloween for the Osborn kids!

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