We had hoped to be flying into Menya this week, but as we get down to the wire we have more left to do than time to get it done. So we are bumping our flight back two weeks. We are bit bummed that we are delayed, but very relieved to have some more time to get ready. (The prospect of arriving in Menya totally depleted from late night packing for a few more nights was not at all enticing.)

Our house is (and has been for a while) in a state of chaos, but our kids are still finding things to do.

Here is Lucy enjoying her make-up kit:

And the girls playing with Little House paper dolls:

Everett found where the headbands were packed:

Sometimes it’s nice to sit on a soft suitcase and enjoy a book:

Or find a sister to snuggle with:

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  1. Shandi Stevenson

    I have been praying for you during this exciting but very draining and hectic time of preparation. Thank you for so faithfully carving out some time and energy to keep us all a part of what is happening! Love the pictures of the kids! It looks like if Lucy plays with the makeup kit a little longer, you won’t have to worry about packing it! 🙂

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