Thanksgiving in PNG is a let down. Very few people here seem to care about the Pilgrims and Indians and all that. And no one understands that the real meaning of Thanksgiving is football by which I, of course, mean American football and not soccer, and certainly not Rugby. And eating. Thanksgiving is also about eating. But here there are no turkeys to eat and the schools don’t even take a day off. So we watch a football game on DVD sent by Elizabeth’s parents (Alabama vs A&M) and do our best with the food available. (Surprisingly in a land with seemingly endless varieties of sweet potatoes, we ended up with yellow ones for our casserole, not orange, and one of our children was heard saying “Daddy, you got a chicken, not a turkey?!”)

Nonetheless, Thanksgiving does give us an opportunity to reflect, so here are 5 things we are thankful for because we live in PNG (and might not appreciate as much elsewhere):

  • The Sun That’s right, the sun–it’s like the king of planets. It’s not something we think about too much at home, but here it dries our clothes, heats our water and pretty soon will be our source of electricity.
  • A Cell Signal No broadband here, Digicel is our connection to home, news, recipes and who’s the voice of the cartoon in that movie our kids our watching.
  • Packages From Home They make any day like Christmas.
  • Clean Drinking Water That was never on my list growing up.
  • Planes that can do this:


P.S. Don’t feel sorry for us. I’m going for laughs, not pity.

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  1. I can’t believe that reading my blog didn’t make the list of uses for your internets connection. (J/K. I was going for laughs, not pity.)

    I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. As our time in Allendale comes to a close, it especially makes me appreciate what you guys are doing in PNG. God bless, and I will continue to pray for your family.

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