As Joseph explained in our last post, Thanksgiving is not a holiday here.  Some of you are probably thinking “well of course not!” but it only seems strange to me because right now we are on a mission base and most of the people here are Americans, so to me it seems they might at least give the kids the day off of school to celebrate what I would consider a major holiday. Oh well. Since we knew Thursday would be underwhelming, we decided to make Saturday our real Thanksgiving day. It was really great, and totally made up for any lack on Thursday. 🙂 Of course, being with family would have made it much better, but we’ll take what we can get here!

We started food prep early, turned on a recorded football game and nibbled on appetizers with the Walkers and the McGregors (he is the helicopter pilot) all morning. The kids played, the moms cooked and chatted, and the dads talked and watched football. We settled in for a wonderful meal around 3, played outside and really had a fun day!  It felt like Thanksgiving. Well, the weather didn’t, but the fun filled day did.

Here we are eating our meal.  Cooking a T-giving meal 2 years ago right after getting to PNG seemed near impossible, but this year it was no big deal.  I think Katie, Kelly and I have become quite the PNG chefs! 🙂

The kids ate on the floor…our table isn’t quite big enough!

Kelly’s masterpiece…turkey rolls!

Our attempt at a family picture.

We gave the kids their Christmas PJS (Thanks Nanny!!) and let them put them on before starting Elf.

I wanted to get a picture of all four kiddos in their matching pjs…this is what that is like in our house!

It worked better when I just let them watch the movie and snuck a quick pic of them being cute!

This also happened during picture taking time! 🙂 Everett sure does change up our family dynamic! So thankful for that crazy boy!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are SO thankful for all of our dear family and friends near and far!

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  1. Kelley Haff

    We always give Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve, but then I have to buy them big so they can wear them leading up to the holiday the following year. I like the idea of giving them on Thanksgiving!

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