Tuesday started at 4:30am for me and between 5:30 and 6:00 for the rest of the family. We pulled out of Sobega at about 6:30 and arrived at the airport fifteen minutes later. Around 7:30 the pilots phoned a guy who lives in Menay (because we had his number) to get a weather report. That guy said it was raining and totally overcast. So we waited. Around 8:30 we called again to find out that our weather man was actually in Lae (a costal city) and not Menya. So on the morning of our flight from Goroka to Menya, it was raining in Lae. Once we heard that the sky was clear in Menya from someone in Menya, we took off.

The delay gave us plenty of time for a picture in front of the plane:

And time for all the kids to try out piloting:

Once on board, Lucy and I were a little concerned about her proximity to the door and the ease with which it could be opened.

We landed smoothly and while the men unloaded the plane the kids found some shade.

I then led the women and children away from the airstrip toward the houses leaving Dave with Josh and Travis (two other missionary guys who came to help) with the first load of stuff.

The walk to the houses is 45 minutes for adults so I was anticipating about two hours. But after five minutes a guy with a truck said he would give us a ride (even though he wasn’t supposed to) because of all the kids we had with us. Katie and baby road in front while the Osborns and two of the Walker kids huddled in the back. (I’m not trying to look mad/mean in this picture–I just wasn’t ready.)

The truck dropped us a manageable fifteen minutes from the houses so we could stretch our legs.

The last hill up to our neighborhood:

Elizabeth’s first look at our next (temporary) home:

At the door:

Then we spent the next 6-ish hours shuttling stuff from the airstrip. Here is Everett watching us unload one of the eight loads from our porch:

This load is more than two thirds unloaded, to give you an idea of the height of each load.

Considering all my worries going into the day, things went amazingly well. One of my biggest concerns was whether we would be able to find a truck to help shuttle things. There are a handful of guys who own trucks, but we never know if they will have driven to Lae or if their trucks will be running when we need them. We had prayed for a quickly available ride for the wives and kids and I had audaciously prayed for not one, but two trucks to be available for moving our stuff. As I wrote already there was a truck for the families right away and on top of that, two other trucks ran the shuttles. We are very thankful to our God who is faithful despite my worry and weak faith. In addition, it didn’t start raining until we were finished and we are very thankful that we had Josh and Travis with us to help.

  1. Thanks for the update. So cool to see God’s provision. It amazes me how often that I’m amazed at how He comes through. He’s proven Himself over and over, just like He with you in the move.

  2. Chris McGowan

    What a beautiful landscape to see every day (though I’m sure your legs don’t feel the same as your eyes). Glad to hear how God answered your prayers so completely. IIf you take any video footage of the the area surrounding your home, I’d love to see it. Let us know how we can continue to pray and support.

  3. Shandi

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re really there! Thank you for “taking us along” through these wonderful pictures. Praying for your first weeks in your new home!

  4. Whitney Cawley

    Love that y’all are safely there and will be praying for you all! Love hearing of God’s continued provision for you too.

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