After a few days of having water back up in the shower, I decided today was the day for action. So over email I got a basic idea of where our “grey water” drains (that’s everything but the toilet) and we started searching for a pipe. I had already determined that our problem was at the end of the line–not a hairball in the trap–so I was assuming the drain pipe would be buried or clogged and not too easy to find.

After about half an hour we found it. Once we got the mud off the end, it erupted and it wasn’t pretty. And it didn’t smell nice. But it was like perfume compared to the next task and it solved our problem.

Meanwhile, at the Walker house, the septic pit caved in last night. We found that the wood covering the pit and holding up the soil above it was totally rotten and had given way in the heavy rain.

So Dave and I started delicately trying to remove the dirt and rotten timber without allowing too much to fall into the pit. When things did fall, we were careful to avoid the splash-back.


Once we got the top cleared off, Dave ordered some new timbers which were cut and delivered immediately.

Once in place we covered them with plastic, six inches of cut dried grass, and about a foot of soil.

Another day in the glamorous life of missionaries.

P.S. Today I learned the Menyan word for “dirt.”

  1. I figured you would have learned the Menyan words for “sewage” and “feces” as well.

  2. Pop Pop

    At least there was a pip to clean out.

    How often does the truck get there to pump out the septic “tank?”

  3. Pop Pop

    “pip” is from the Pink Panther and makes it sound upscale and Frenchy

  4. Karen Swoap

    McGyver at his finest!

  5. molly

    ya’ll need some rubber boots??

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